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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tour de Fleece 2013 - Day 1

Well, it's started!  This is what I've spun so far today :-

This is my Falkland wool which I've dyed rainbow colours using all natural dyes.  I'm spinning this fairly fine as I want to Navajo (or chain) ply it so I get 3 plies from one strand.  This keeps the colours separate.  So far I've spun the purple (logwood chips) and just started on the blue (woad).

I'm planning to knit this into a shawl when it's finished, probably a sideways one that shows all the colours grading into one another.

This afternoon we're going away in the camper van, but I'm taking my spinning wheel with me, hoping to spin a bit of Impala's fleece later on.  Should be back by tomorrow evening, if we don't stay another night.

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