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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

More Colours

My dye pots are very busy still.  Here are the latest :-

This gorgeous purple came from logwood chips.  These are made from the heartwood of a Central American tree (Haematoxylon campechianum).  I feel I'm cheating a bit with this one, because I haven't grown it or scavenged it from the surrounding countryside.  As this tree doesn't grow around here, and it was my best option for achieving purple, I feel justified in using it.  I was supposed to simmer the wool in the dye for about 45 minutes, but took it out after 15 because the colour was so intense.

Rolags made from the fleece above.

The last of the yellows.  I had leftover onion skin dye, plus leftover dyers chamomile, so I mixed them together and threw in a bottle of last year's dye made from the top parts of my madder plants.  I think I've got more than enough yellows now.

Had some fleece left so put it in the remaining logwood dye expecting to get a much paler colour.  I can't tell any difference from the first one, can you?

A close-up of the colour graduation, always darker at the tips.

Yesterday I picked all of my comfrey from the garden and boiled it up in my copper pan, hoping (again!) to get a green.  Wish I had more of those purple iris flowers that gave me this green :-

but maybe the comfrey will come up trumps.


  1. You sound like me..."I feel like I've cheated because I didn't grow it or scavenge for it..."

    Here's one for you to try...if you haven't already...and I have to admit, I'm just now for the first time looking at your blog. (I'm Dove on Ravelry and in the DIY Dye group for TDF.)

    Lichen. After a rain. Go on out and collect it from tree bark. Leave the bark. Just peel off the lichen. Save it up...unless you are lucky enough to hit the lichen lottery first time out. Spin-off ran an article on "how to" dye with it. Unbelievable color. I've yet to try it, though an enterprising friend did. Oh. WHAT a color!

    1. Hello Team Mate!! Yes I have used lichen and in the past have had amazing colours from it. Years ago we had to have a stone garden wall demolished so I picked off lots of the lichen first and dried it. I still have some of the wool I dyed with it and it still smells fabulous. It never seems to lose that gorgeous licheny scent. Mmmm - makes you think of damp forests after rain.