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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Do Mice Like Mayonnaise?

Well, do they?

I think so!!  This is a glass jar which was being stored in the food cupboard where I just keep jars, bottles and tins.  I don't keep anything in there that mice can get into (or so I thought!) because we do sometimes get the odd mouse sneaking in.  Jak can't get into this cupboard, which is why we occasionally have a problem.

The day after finding this, I saw a rather fat mouse squeezing itself under the door and back into the cupboard, presumably for another forage.  Time for Super Cat!!  That same afternoon we were going out, so we left the door open into the corridor where the cupboard is, hoping that the mouse would re-emerge and Jak could catch it.  We came home in the evening to find a small patch of blood on the floor . . . RIP Mighty Mouse!  Sad really - this one had tried so hard to survive.


  1. I’m super confused, if that is a glass jar... how did the mouse get into it?

    1. Me too!! I can only assume that either the jar was imperfect, maybe already had a crack in it, or it had been dropped, maybe before I bought it. If the mouse could smell the mayonnaise it could possibly nibble away at the crack until it managed to. make a hole. That's a large hole! It certainly didn't have that when I bought it!