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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Caterpillars in March?

I was a bit surprised the other day when I was in the garden and found this clump of caterpillars underneath my olive tree, in the grass.

I've never seen any like this before, and certainly not at this time of year; it seemed a bit early to me.  They didn't seem to be moving around much, just stayed where they were eating grass stalks and weeds.

I've looked on the internet, but can't find out what they are.  If anyone knows, please leave a comment.

A French friend of ours was here today and I showed him the photographs.  He looked a bit aghast, and said to cut off the branch of the tree where I found them, and burn it!  But they weren't on a branch,  they were in the grass under the tree.  I'm a bit worried about my olive tree now - obviously they're harmful.  Oh well, maybe I'll just have to treat the whole tree.   

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