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Saturday, 12 January 2013

First Alpacas

Yesterday my alpaca was due to be delivered; the guy said he'd bring the two males and let them get settled before bringing the three females next week.  Except he brought the females instead.  So now I have to wait another week.  It was still exciting though!

Here they are :-

They were a bit hungry after their journey and didn't want much to do with us at first. Then they spotted a chicken and went to investigate.

But the chicken didn't want to know!  Neither did the cats.

This is Hope :-

She's the only one who wanted to pose, so there are a few photos of her.

She's a pale fawn colour and has the same father as Impala, the one I'm getting.

This is Bella, she's classed as white, but actually she looks pretty much the same colour as Hope.  It's quite easy to tell them apart though as Bella has a white top-notch over her eyes, and Hope's is fawn.

The 3rd one, Cerise, was difficult to photograph as she always seemed to be hiding behind the other two.  She's classed as a "true black", although she actually looks very dark brown as the tips of the fleece get a bit faded in the sun.

It was surprising how fast they settled down and started eating after their ordeal.  This was the first time they'd left their home farm and must have been very confused about what was happening.  They'd had a 3-hour journey to get here, so that can't have been much fun.  Still, there are lots of chickens to chase and cats to get to know . . . and the scary sheep who kept staring from the next paddock, not to mention the pigs!  I think life here could be quite interesting for them.

These three are all pregnant; Cerise and Hope are due to produce their crias at the end of June, and Bella mid-August.  That's when the fun will really start!


  1. I'm in love. They're absolutely gorgeous!

    1. They are, aren't they. I'm really looking forward to mine coming though - he's a real cutie!

  2. How exciting! I look forward to seeing your first yarn made from your home-grown alpaca!

  3. Thanks Sheila, I can't wait either. My neighbours have just bought some shearers (Rob was a farmer and is used to shearing sheep) so that'll be an exciting event!