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Friday, 18 January 2013

Alpaca Update

Just in case you're thinking that I haven't really bought an alpaca because he hasn't arrived yet - I have, he hasn't, but HE WILL!!  After the females being delivered last week (instead of the males) he was due to arrive yesterday.  Unfortunately, snow arrived in the Dordogne where he lives at the moment, and so it wasn't possible to bring him on Thursday.  The next date set was Saturday (tomorrow), although I was a bit dubious that the weather would behave in time.  I was right - it hasn't, and now it's going to be sometime next week.  Thankfully, we don't have snow yet down here, but what do you bet, as soon as the Dordogne is free of it, it'll snow here!

Also a little update on the females.  They've settled in well, got used to the sheep, and are establishing the pecking order, with Cerise (the black one) becoming "the boss".  She gets first dip at the food (poor Hope tried to eat at the same time yesterday and was promptly spat at) and the other two just accept it!  Tammy is thinking of re-naming Hope "Hopeless" because she just stands back and lets Cerise take over!  That's life in the alpaca world I suppose!

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