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Sunday, 16 December 2012


For the past five or six days, Jak has had an intruder in his garden.  An intruder that's making him very unhappy and insecure - another cat.  We think it's one of the farm cats from about half a kilometre away.  It's attacked him twice, mostly causing very minor injuries, but it did manage to pull a large mouthful of fur out of the side of Jak's face (must have been really painful at the time) and he has a large bald patch which is now scabbing over.

Enough's enough!  This cat has got to go!  We spoke to Tammy and Rob, our neighbours, and it turns out that one of their cats has been attacked by it too.  They will not miss the cat and, apparently, neither will the owners of the farm buildings where the cat lives.  We decided we needed to catch it and take it on a little journey, somewhere far away, where we can release it.

So, yesterday we went to visit Joseph and Beatrice, our other neighbours.  Joseph has a trap for catching small animals, so we asked if we could borrow it.  Last night we set it up outside the house with a bowl of cat food inside.  Then we locked Jak's cat flap so he couldn't get out, and gave him a litter tray (he usually likes to go outside but does know how to use one).

Cat Trap!
This morning I checked the trap and yes, lo and behold, there was a cat inside!!  Err, wait a minute, that cat's the wrong colour!  Yes, it was Jak!!  He'd managed to push up the lock on his cat flap and escaped during the night.  Exit one very sad and soggy (it rained during the night) moggie!

He'd actually dried off quite a lot by the time I took this photo!

Oh well, we'll try again tonight, but this time we'll make sure our little escape artiste has no chance of getting out!  At least we know the trap works.

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