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Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Knitting

If you remember, I only started this project in October - it should have taken me a week at the most to make, but I finally finished it on Christmas Eve, just in time to wear on the 25th.

Leftie, by Martina Behm.  It only took me so long because I had to keep spinning more of the white yarn.  I enjoyed knitting this, and enjoy wearing it too - I can see another one in different colours in my future.

The other thing I finished was this scarf :-

This is the One Skein Tapestry Scarf, and it really did only take one skein.  It also only took one night to knit, thankfully, as this was needed for Christmas Day too.  We'd been invited to our friends' house for the day, along with 18(!) other people.  Everyone had to take a small gift which was put into a "lucky dip" basket.  Each person then picked out a package from the basket.  This scarf was my contribution.

A little bit of detail
There was one more knitted project I made but, as I haven't taken photos yet (it was only finished yesterday and is still drying), I'll show you that next time.

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