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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wet and Windy Weather

Here we are in sunny Devon . . . NOT!  The weather is absolutely atrocious - high winds and driving rain.  And it's forecast to get worse tonight with flood warnings issued.  We're just keeping everything crossed for the wedding on Saturday, hoping for a little respite in the weather.

The blue cardigan I was knitting on the way over here has more or less fallen by the wayside.  I knit all day in the camper van while we were travelling north in France, and at the end of that time I hadn't even reached the armholes on the back.  At that point I realised it was pretty hopeless, so when we got over here we went shopping.  Problem solved.  I will carry on knitting the cardigan, but leisurely, not manically like on Sunday!

Will try and post some photos of the wedding later, but it depends on where we are (at the moment we're sitting in the California Inn - sounds good hey? - and they have free WiFi.

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