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Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Wedding

Now we're back home, I can finally post a few photos of Ben and Sam's wedding.  We were really worried that the weather wouldn't behave as it had rained pretty much constantly since we arrived in the UK on Tuesday night.  Thankfully on Saturday it was dry and the sun even showed it's face.  These are taken outside the marquee just before the wedding.

Eric in the suit he wore when we got married, and me in my remodelled wedding dress. The cardigan didn't get finished, so I'd had to buy something else to go with it.

During the ceremony - looking a bit nervous!

And afterwards - with Ben's Mum.  The photographer wanted Eric to take his "sun specs" off for the photo, that's why he's looking a bit confused.  They're actually photochromatic (is that the right word?) prescription glasses and he can't see a thing without them!

The Saunders Boys (and Mum!)

Then it was back into the tent for the reception

where good fun was had by all - this is my favourite sister-in-law Jane (actually, she's my only sister-in-law!)  Too much champagne, obviously!

Alan, Eric's brother.

Each table had an appointed "carver" - this is Mike, Sam's stepfather, with her Mum, Wendy :-

And then the party began,

Ben, being a pilot, had to have a helicopter (made out of balloons)

and Sam was kitted out with a very fetching pair of wings!

Finally, a view from the wedding venue, overlooking Burgh Island :-

So, that's the first wedding - one down, three to go! - next one's in August.

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