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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

First Silkworm Spinning

One of my silkworms started to spin a cocoon this afternoon - in the wrong place, as usual.  So I moved it into one of the toilet roll inners where it sat for a while, looking round, spinning a few strands.  Then it went walkabout, and started spinning between the cardboard rolls and the lid - wrong place again!  In the end I moved it into the toilet roll tube three times.  Finally, it got the message and is now spinning seriously.

I tried to get a photograph, it's not brilliant but you can see the silk strands it's spinning as the support framework for the cocoon itself.

The head is on the right, and it's underside is towards the camera.

Hopefully they'll all follow suit within the next couple of days - I'm getting sick of picking leaves six times a day for them!

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