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Friday, 25 May 2012


A very topical post this one.  UK TV is at present full of the 30 year anniversary of the Falklands war with Argentina which started on 2nd April 1982 and lasted 74 days, ending in June.

Yesterday we visited friends in the Lot department of France, two and a half hours north of us.  Ian and May used to live in the Falklands, and May is a spinner.  Last year she said she would order us both a Falkland fleece, which duly arrived in September.  She's been hanging onto it ever since until we finally got up there to collect it.

Unfortunately, two weeks ago May slipped on a wet tiled floor and broke her arm.  She's plastered (literally!) from her thumb to above her elbow and doesn't think she'll be able to spin again for quite a long time.  Guess what?  I came home with both fleeces!  Her son is visiting the Falklands later this year, so she's going to get him to bring her another one which, hopefully, she'll then be fit and able to spin.

Today I opened them up and spread one of them out on our outside table, which it totally filled.

It looks pretty manky and dirty doesn't it?  But look at this :-

It's absolutely gorgeous.  This is unwashed too.  You can see how soft it is.

I separated some of the cleaner bits and washed them this afternoon.  It'll probably be dry tomorrow.  I'm dying to spin some of this, but I have to wait probably until June when we get back from our UK visit.

I think the first batch has to be for May - I'll spin some of it and make something for her. I'm not sure what yet, but I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in!  I've got a pretty good idea of what I might make, but just haven't decided properly.  Think I'll have to spin some so it can tell me what it wants to be!

So, who's a lucky girl then??  Especially as there's a second untouched fleece still in the bag!  When am I going to get time to spin all of this?

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