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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Weekend in Narbonne

We got back yesterday afternoon after spending a nice relaxing weekend just outside Narbonne.  We'd actually planned to come home on Tuesday (today), but it got really windy over there.  So we decided to set off yesterday morning and travel to Castelnaudary (home of cassoulet) and spend the night there. Then, about half an hour outside Narbonne, the heavens opened and didn't stop.  So we didn't stop either!

We had our lunch in Ikea, Toulouse and had a look around, bought a few things (new kitchen knife, wine glasses, water glasses etc., all boring stuff), then set off again and just came home.

So, what did we get up to, apart from lazing around, eating, reading, watching the world go round?  Well, we'd taken our little motorbike (it's only a 125cc, but that was the biggest we could fit on the back of the campervan, and it gets us around) so we had a ride around the area to see what there was.  We found this really pretty little town not far away from where we were camping.

It's called Gruissan, and has an old ruined castle on the top of the rock in the centre.  From this side you would think it's an island, but actually it is attached to the mainland on one side.

There was a large market going on, so we stopped and had a wander around.  It turned out to be a mediaeval market, and there were lots of craft stalls with people dressed in mediaeval clothes.  They'd really made a huge effort. Then we found a stall selling witches (in Fimo) so I had to have one for my spinning wheel :-

I haven't decided on a name for her yet - any ideas?  I think she looks like a Matilda or Henrietta or Esmerelda, but if anyone has any better ideas, let me know.

This is a photo of me which is supposed to show the animals that were in the wooden enclosure behind, but somehow they got lost (photographer's fault!), but he did get the old ruined tower in the background . . . as well as the old ruin in the foreground!!

And one of Eric by the quayside (no, he's not proposing, just posing!)

This is looking out over the Meditterranean - there were lots of little boats out there, but they don't show up from this distance.

We did go and have a look around Narbonne city too, but to be quite honest, I'm not really a city person and to me, it was just like any other French city.

What else did I manage?  I finished my book - it was a very easy read called Folly by Alan Titchmarsh of all people.  I'd been lent it by a friend and it was actually quite entertaining.  I finished spinning this wool which has been sitting on my wheel for quite a number of weeks :-

It's some pre-dyed merino that I bought with the £15 fibre voucher I received when I bought my spinning wheel.  I got a large bag of mixed colours, and this is four of them that I picked out and blended.  I'll probably spin a bobbin of white to ply with it - so, unless I get my finger out, it could be hanging around for a while yet!

I also finished the 2nd sleeve for Colette's sweater dress :-

So, all in all, not a bad weekend.  I'm a bit embarrassed by how few photos I took - I'm still not used to having a camera at hand all the time and I forget.

Right, off to make lunch and then clean the camper out ready for next time.

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