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Sunday, 21 August 2011

The End . . . Or just the beginning?

The project's done and put to bed
The last of the silk moths is now dead
The eggs are laid and put to rest
The Inn has seen it's final guest

The silk awaits its final spinning

It's not the end, but a new beginning :-

Hope to see you next year.

Please forgive my crummy verse
But at least it rhymes . . . it could have been worse!


  1. Ha ha! Brilliant! It has been quite a journey for you and the silk worms. Looks like you'll have a few fertile eggs to use next year to do it all again! Have you got plans for the cocoons? Will you try reeling the silk from them? :)

  2. I'm hoping I'll be able to store the eggs at the right temperature until next spring. The cocoons are still sitting waiting for me to have a bit of time to deal with them (lots of visitors at the moment). The one's that hatched out can't be reeled, but they can be made into silk hankies. I'll probably do that with all of them. I'm also waiting to meet up with my friend who has over 100 cocoons for me, so it makes sense to do them all together. There will be photos when it happens!

  3. Hi, I also look forward to seeing your silk hankies. I've raised silk worms for the past 4 years and am looking for ways to use the silk. Watch out though, I started with 40 and now have 1,000's! Love your blog!!

  4. Hello Silkfarmer,
    Welcome to my blog, glad you like it. I still haven't made the silk hankies yet. I'm waiting for my friend to bring me some more cocoons (she has about 100 spare) and I'll do them all at once. Hopefully she's visiting tomorrow so maybe there'll be some progress soon.