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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Action at Last

Well, the four moths spent all day yesterday studiously ignoring each other, so obviously they were all males.  I'd put the unhatched cocoons into a different box, and this morning when I looked, another one had hatched.  I put this one into the box with the previous four and chaos immediately took over.  All four moths were crawling around the 5th, literally like moths round a flame.

The female is the one clinging tightly to her cocoon, whilst the males throng around her :-

One by one, the males are starting to give up :-

I think the moth in the centre is trying to muscle in on the action :-

And finally, the happy couple :-

It's a messy job - look at the state of the nice clean white paper!

There are still cocoons to hatch, so who knows, tomorrow there may be more females for the remaining males.


  1. Wow!! Can't believe how much they have changed, amazing!

  2. Fantastic photos! So glad that you've had a mating couple after all the hard work you put in! Hope there's a bit more action still to come too! :)

  3. Hi Vika,

    Yes, they've changed completely since you were here. Jak says hello by the way!


  4. Hi Kate,

    I've given up trying to sex them now - I get it wrong every time. Thankfully, the males knew the newcomer was a female, and that's the most important thing!

    The very last step is for the female to lay lots of eggs. Fingers crossed again!