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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Talullah's Wool

Finished the first ball of llama wool, there are some photos below.  The llama is the grey colour, and the other is from Bridget the Camel.  Unfortunately, there won't be much more wool from Bridget - she's been sold and sent to Holland.

And the next photo is the same wool wound into balls . . .

Think I need to work on my photographic skills.  They look black and white on here.  And they certainly don't show how soft and fluffy they are.

Spent this afternoon digging the garden, adding manure, and planting garlic.  And Eric's started work on my new greenhouse.  We have an old dilapidated swimming pool which we inherited with the house and have spent the last seven years trying to decide what to do with it.  Then last year we had the chance of an above-ground wooden-clad pool, half price.  So we decided the best thing was to put a poly-carbonate roof on the old pool and make it into a greenhouse.  Think I might be spending a lot of time in there in the winter months with my spinning wheel!!

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