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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

First EVER Blog!!!!!!!!!!

As a fairly creative person (spinning, dyeing, knitting, sewing, pottery etc. etc.) I am a real technophobe.  The fact that anyone is able to read this at all is a major miracle.  Hopefully I'll improve as I go along.

I live in south west France with my born-again rockstar (well, I think so!) husband Eric (will post photos when I know how!!) where we are restoring an old fortified farmhouse in the middle of beautiful Gascony.  My passions are spinning and dyeing all types of wool (i.e. sheep, mohair, angora, camel, alpaca, lama and even my cat!!), silk and anything remotely spinnable.  I grow some of my own dye plants, i.e. madder, woad, dyer's chamomile, and frequently collect from nature and the fields around us to create my colours.

I hope in the future to post details and photos of my current projects, so WATCH THIS SPACE!!

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  1. Wow, can't wait for the next installment, sounds wicked, well done you!!!! Happy spinning!!