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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I Got The Blues!

It all started off looking promising, the wool turned a really nice yellow colour in the dyepot.

I decided to give it a good long rest in the dye to soak up as much of the blue as possible, so I left it overnight and, the next morning, the magic begins :

You can see the colour starting to develop as the air hits it . . .

and continues . . .

. . . still developing :

et voila :-

Look at that blue!  Unfortunately, it doesn't look quite so spectacular after washing and drying.

I thought there may still be some colour to be had, so I dunked in some merino (from my carders!) and left that overnight.  It's a bit pale, but definitely blue. 

So that's the last of the woad until next year, not bad considering I only had the two plants.  Next year I'll definitely have more.

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