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Thursday, 13 October 2011


Today is my first blogoversary - I can't believe it's 12 months since I started on this journey.  To celebrate, I thought I'd do a post about our friend's daughter who has just spent a week over here with us.

Meet the Artist

Caroline is Ted's daughter.  Ted is an old friend of ours who lives in southern Germany.  Two years ago they met for the first time in 40 years at our house here in France - there's a story here to tell, but I'll save that for another post.

They were both here last week for a short holiday together, and Caroline had brought some work with her.  She has been commissioned to paint some murals for a restaurant in Marbella, Spain and thought it would be a good opportunity to do a little bit of painting in the sunshine on our patio.

Action Shot!

The restaurant is called Picasso, so they wanted all the paintings to reflect him, his life, his family, his work etc.

She finished this one in a day.

I was amazed at how 3D the painting looked when it was finished.  These are based on Picasso's pottery.

The next one is one of Picasso's mistresses; the fish are so colourful because it will be put in a children's area along with some of the others.

The paintings she did here were all relatively small in comparison to the main murals.  The following one has already been delivered and (I think) installed at the restaurant :-

This one must have taken weeks.  The detail is amazing.  Note the Picasso-like objects on the table.  Picasso is shown as a small boy on the left of the painting, and the little girl next to him was his sister, who died quite young. Above are his mother and father (he was also an artist, but, when he saw the quality of young Picasso's painting, said he would never paint again - the picture shows him discarding his palette and dripping paint onto the shoulder of the man seated at the table).

The next mural isn't finished yet - Caroline's gone home to re-start work on it.

After this one is completed, she still has two major murals to paint - lots of work to keep her busy until the deadline in December.  If you're interested in art, other work and updates on this project can be seen on her website  But if you're ever in Marbella, you could always drop in on the Picasso restaurant and have a look for yourselves.

As a parting gift, Caroline painted this for us.  She really is a cat person (she has three of her own), which my cat spotted immediately and rarely left her side the whole time she was here!

She accentuated his girth a little bit, but not much, ha ha!!  Little slob! (Jak, that is)

So, that's my first blogoversary post . . . no cake, no candles, no cards . . . but the painting of Jak more than makes up for it!  Thanks Caroline.

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