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Monday, 24 October 2011

Cool Hot House

The greenhouse is coming along - we now have two full curved roof panels fitted.  It hasn't been an easy job by any means, mainly because we are fitting second-hand panels which had been damaged in a storm (we got them free as the people had claimed new ones on their insurance and just wanted to be rid of the old ones - they advertised them "free to a good home" and, unfortunately, we got there second so got what was left!).  We then found that one of the panels had a slightly different curvature from the other three, so that's been a bit of a problem getting it to fit in with the others.  However, here it is so far :-

This photo shows the inside of the greenhouse with the two panels fitted - the gap on the right hand side will be filled with a framework of polycarbonate sheeting (the panels weren't quite wide enough - beggars can't be choosers and all that!)

This is the side view - only two more panels to fit.

This is the view we will see from the house - it looks a bit of an eyesore at the moment, but once it's all finished and sealed up it will be "cosmetically enhanced" with a good coating of render.

This one shows another view of the inside - and also tells a story of the condition of the pool as we inherited it.  A good thick layer of white paint won't go amiss.

The nice thing about the separate panels of polycarbonate on the right hand side is that we can make part of it "slideable" to create an access hatch for dumping soil, manure etc. into the basin.

In the winter I'm planning on making a hotbed with lots of fresh manure inside an "inner sanctum" (a protected area made of polycarbonate or thick polythene) where I can store my sensitive plants, i.e. orange and lemon trees, avocado tree, lemon grass etc. - lots of work for me, but in a nice warm environment hopefully.

I'll post more photos when it's all finished and tidied up.  In the meantime, I've got an appointment with two skeins of merino and a pile of woad leaves . . . more on that later.

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