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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

"Ruska" Hand Spun Gradient

My spinning wheels have been a bit quiet for a while.  Before Christmas I was busy making presents, and afterwards I was busy making the baby blanket I showed you recently.  But over the Christmas and New Year period I was determined to find some "me" time!

Back in 2014 I bought a "Build a Batt Box" from Barber Black Sheep in Wales.  I'm pretty sure it was called "Ruska".

I love the way these look when you open them - they're all packed so beautifully and there's usually a little "treat" in there somewhere (small bar of chocolate, mini soap or something).  She still does these occasionally, but I think it's a while since the last one.  Shame!

I'd already used parts of this box in other projects, but put together what was left (some merino, some silk, a mixed batt with sparkly bits etc.) to make a gradient.

I love these colours, but I'm not sure if they're right for me.  We'll see.  I spun fairly thinly from the left hand side to the batt on the right and then Navajo plied it to keep the colours true, making a 3-ply.  Surprisingly, the finished result was between 13 and 14 wraps per inch (which is approximately 4-ply in old money!), which is my normal spinning thickness if I'm doing a 2-ply, so I must have spun particularly finely this time.

You can see the gradient a bit better in this next shot, and I really think this may be gifted or made into something and gifted.  I'm pretty sure I won't be able to wear these colours.

Anyway, 115g gave me 239 yards/221m so I'm sure there's enough for something nice.  I'll be interested to see how well I did my change overs from colour to colour when I finally knit it up.

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