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Monday, 31 August 2015

And Then There Were Two

This little chap arrived a few weeks ago, 8 days after Caramac (yes, the first baby was finally given a name).

Here he is, staying pretty close to his Mum, Bella.  Hope, Caramac's Mum, seemed to think she should have this baby too and kept trying to steal him!

Everyone was amazed at his colour - Mum's white and so is Dad, so where on earth did this come from?

Cadbury and Caramac were immediately friends and love to play together.

"Stick with me kiddo . . . I'll teach you everything I know!"  I can see already that this pair are going to get into lots of mischief!

There may be some exciting news in the future.  When the babies are weaned at about six months old they will need to be put in a separate field from their mothers.  Normally they would go in with other males, but at six months they're still too little to go in with the adult males (Rob and Tammy's first baby alpaca was killed at eleven and a half months old by one of the fully grown males - we think he was crushed to death).  If Rob uses a third field (the females are kept separate from the males) it makes a bit of a mess of his field rotation.  So guess where they might be going?  Yes, our garden!!!!  It would only be until they're big enough to go back with the male alpacas, but I'm really quite excited about this.  I've never baby-sat alpacas before!


  1. Oh, that's going to be such fun! I bet they are hilarious to watch.

    1. They are funny, I could watch them all day. I'm really looking forward to having them here - just hope Rob doesn't change his mind about bringing them!