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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tweed 3

The carding and spinning continues, well over half way now, and I've started knitting.  I trawled through patterns on Ravelry looking for a sweater or cardigan that would show off the handspun tweed, and finally came up with this one : 10 Days by Suvi Simola.  It's a top-down pattern, so that's something new for me, and has the advantage that I can just keep knitting until I've used up all the yarn.  If there's enough, it may end up as a sweater dress.  We'll see!

This is as far as I've got so far, almost to the point of separating out for the sleeves, and I've used about a quarter of the second ball of wool :-

I really like the way the tweed is turning out; I'll definitely do more in the future.  Here's a close up showing the different colours :-

The nice thing about spinning a tweed is that you can use up lots of bits of different coloured fibres that wouldn't be enough for a project otherwise.  I've got lots of those!