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Monday, 8 September 2014


Getting back to a more fibery subject (although alpacas are fibery too, right?), earlier this year I sowed some natural green cotton seeds of which only three survived the slugs (the white cotton all got eaten).  The seeds had been sent from the U.S. by a Ravelry friend (thanks Vicki!) as I so wanted to grow some green cotton.

This summer, for the first time since 2003 when we arrived here, has been a bit of a non-event.  It's now, finally, hot summer weather, but July and August were untypically cool for this part of France.  The plants were outside in pots most of the summer, and really didn't grow awfully well.  Mid-August I moved them into the greenhouse and they've grown like wildfire ever since.

A few days ago the first flower arrived (and there are lots more to come).  It's larger than the white cotton flowers and quite different, I think.  What a pity they only last a day.  I put the plant outside hoping to attract passing bees and insects and took it back inside in the evening.  All three plants are in large pots with a water reservoir underneath, which helps when the temperature inside the greenhouse is getting up to 47 degrees C.

Fingers and toes crossed that there'll be enough time for some cotton bolls to mature.

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