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Friday, 22 August 2014

The Long Wait is Over

Welcome to the world at last.  It's been a long wait since my alpaca Impala died last September, but finally my new baby was born yesterday morning around 11:30-midday.  I raced down the hill to my neighbours' farm as soon as I got the phone call to say he'd arrived, just in time to see him stand up for the first time.

Here he is at just half an hour old, being watched over carefully by Mum, Cerise.

Those long legs take a bit of co-ordinating when you've never used them before.  The trick is, get the back ones up first, then try the front ones without falling over!

Ha!  Made it!!

First wobbly steps!

Getting the hang of it now.  He's actually still damp here from being born.  I find it quite amazing that they learn to stand and walk so quickly after being born.  The whole process only took about an hour.

We went back yesterday evening to see how he was getting on and look at the difference:-

He's dried off and fluffed up and looks so much steadier on his feet.  He's even started to trot around a bit (shaky, but at least he's not falling over now).

So, the next question is, what's his name?  Well, I picked out names more than 11 months ago.  If he was white he was going to be called Bailey (Bailey's Irish Cream); if he was fawn he would be called Barley; if he was black he'd be called Bruno, and if he was brown he'd be Rob's (I don't do brown)!!  Now he's actually here, I'm not sure he looks like a Barley so I have to start thinking again.  I've had lots of suggestions on Facebook, so far none suitable to say the least!  Ah well, off to the worldwide web again to look at boy's names!

Just a spooky little comparison, I dug out some of the last photos I took of Impala before he died.  I couldn't believe how similar the two look :-

New baby
I've since found out that they are related.  I think Impala's father is my new baby's grandfather, so that explains the family resemblance.


  1. Gratulacje ! To niesamowite móc obserwować taki proces. Powodzenia ! :-)

    Congratulations! It is amazing to observe such a process. Good luck! :-)

    1. Thank you. You wouldn't believe how happy I am to have him!

    2. They are just about the sweetest pictures I have ever seen! What a beautiful moment to capture.
      For what it is worth, I would call him Ambrose, I've no idea why but I think my son, Lawrie, feels that he has had a lucky escape namewise!

    3. Can't call him Ambrose for two reasons : this year's babies all have to begin with a 'b', and my neighbours called their cria Ambrose last year! Nice name though.