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Monday, 21 July 2014

Challenge Day

Saturday was Challenge Day for the participants of the Tour de Fleece - that's the day that the Tour de France riders face a particularly gruelling ride (there are normally mountains involved).  Last week our intrepid Team Leader issued us with an (optional) impromptu challenge - spin for 5-10 minutes with a bag on your head, then remove the bag and ply what you've spun!  Challenge Day seemed the perfect time to have a go.

Eric very helpfully offered to take the photos, so I set up my work station, with rolags close at hand, and off we went.

Thankfully, it was a slightly cloudy morning and not too hot - otherwise I think I'd have suffocated in there!

It seemed a good opportunity to advertise our team, too.

Believe it or not, there's 10 minutes of spinning on the bobbin above - I think I must be a slow spinner.  Once it was plied it looked even less :-

The finished mini skein :-

So, what did I learn from this little experience?  First, if you're going to regularly spin with a bag on your head - cut some air holes for breathing.  Second, if I ever go blind, I'll still be able to spin.  Third, on those nights when I'm wide awake in the middle of the night and putting on the bedside light is not an option (for fear of waking the grumpy old man), I can still spin.  Oh, and fourth, my sister thought I was very brave for allowing myself to be photographed wearing a bag on my head and then publishing said photo on Facebook! Ha ha!

My cat found the whole process fascinating too :-

Jak showing his "bikini"


  1. I'm sorry I missed that challenge. I have been told I am fetching with a bag over my head. Heh heh. I think your mini-skein is gawjus!
    PS: I don't know how I could have missed visiting your blog before! It's charming! And colorful!

    1. Thank you Ellen. I think I look better with the bag too!! ;-)))