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Monday, 2 June 2014

Rogue's Gallery

In the absence of any spinning or other crafty projects (well, none to show you yet - I have been working on some), I'm afraid you'll just have to look at my worms again!  I think you'll see a difference in them now.

This is one of the bigger ones, and I think is almost ready for another skin change.  The skin looks very tight compared with the smaller worm at the back, and I think it may be heading for it's third change.  Only one more to go after that.

This is the same worm with a 5 centime piece behind it for size, but I realise that for readers outside of Europe this probably doesn't give you much of a clue.  I'll get the tape measure out tomorrow.

This one looks quite a little character, doesn't it?  Note the much looser skin - this one's got a bit of growing to do before it next sheds its skin.

When I was cleaning them out the other day, I counted (roughly) how many were in each box.  I knew I'd lost some of the small ones; that's inevitable, they just don't all thrive.  The final count was 613, so I don't have as many as I originally thought.  The mulberry tree will be happy!

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