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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Summer's Looming

Spent two afternoons this week assembling my new toy :-

I've been talking about getting a loom for a long time now, but didn't actually take the plunge until recently.  Being a total beginner at weaving, I'd planned to buy quite a simple loom - a rigid heddle - which I hoped even I could understand!  That was until I was "talked into" buying something a little more complex by Eric and my friend who is a weaver.  They seem to have great faith that I will actually be able to drive this thing, so I hope I don't disappoint them.  Looks a bit scary to me.

This is a 32" Ashford 8-shaft table loom on which I look forward to making lots of gorgeous woven fabrics . . . you know, I'll just wack out the odd table cloth, set of curtains, dress fabric etc.  Ha!!  That'll be the day!  Maybe I'll just start with a table mat or dishcloth.  I'm beginning to feel a bit "in at the deep end, over my head" here.

Said friend's hubby also made me this for my birthday last month :-

Although I knew this was a warping frame, I didn't like to admit at the time that I wasn't entirely sure what it did!  I've since been surfing on youtube and found some very useful videos for both this and the loom (all Ashford videos - excellent), and finally feel like I might actually be able to get started without too much help.  So, all I need now is a bit lot of time, some yarns to practice with, and a good book at my side (which I should be picking up in a couple of days), so wish me luck, and if you're a fly on my wall - close your ears, there's bound to be a lot of swearing going on.


  1. Congrats on the loom! I've been looking for a used one, since I don't have room for a floor loom, but it seems nobody here uses them much. You COULD get a small rigid heddle loom for sampling, and to get you started (I feel like I'd like both a smaller for that, as well as multiple looms for projects!), but you'll outgrow the RH soon.

    You don't have to begin with a 8 shaft pattern just because the loom can.

    1. That's exactly why I didn't get the rigid heddle. My friend was adamant that before too long I'd want to be doing more complex patterns, and I don't have space for two looms, so I'll just use it fairly simply to begin with.

  2. The loom looks exciting - and intimidating. Can't wait to hear how you get on.

    1. Intimidating's the word!! I don't think I'll get time to do much with it yet though - need a floor in my new craft room which won't happen until the new kitchen's finished.