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Monday, 29 July 2013

TdF End of the Road

Only 13 days since I last updated!  I am still here, but we've had some visitors and a trip or two away in the campervan.  Well, those are my excuses put to bed, now let's get on with what I've really been doing.

For my last yarn of the Tour I decided to use all the leftover rolags from my rainbow yarn (Falkland).

This was, in fact, my only option for the team I was in which demanded that everything had to be prepared from raw, unwashed, fleece which was then dyed, carded and spun.  I simply didn't have enough time left to start preparing another fleece.

I put the whole lot into a large bag and then spun at random, a small amount from each rolag, mixing all the colours.  I was quite happy with the result, but I've no idea what I'm going to use it for.  No doubt, if I keep it long enough, something will come up and "bite me" eventually.

This is the first bobbin I spun.  I was going to do another one the same, but thought it might be just a bit too clown barf-ish.  I had quite a bit of the orange left (dyed with onion skins) so decided to do the second bobbin with that.

And the finished wool :-

I still have enough of the mixed colours to do another bobbin, but not enough orange to ply with it, so if I do another one it'll have to be plied with the purple (logwood).  I'm quite interested to see the contrast between the two when they're done.

So, the final picture of what I achieved this year :-

Ta daaaa!!

Just have to work out what to do with them now!

The other exciting (for me!) news was that I won a prize!!  One of my Ravelry teams (DIY and Dye) had a draw at the end of each week and I won the third week!  My prizes were $10 to spend online (I chose a couple of knitting patterns - a shawl and a cardigan I'd had my eye on for a while) and $30 to spend at a team mate's Etsy store.  She spun some gorgeous black yarn during the Tour, and I'm getting three skeins of that.  It's spun from three different animals : Finn sheep, Gotland sheep (both lambs) and some black alpaca.  This is something new for me because, although black features large in my wardrobe, I've never spun any black fleece.  Can't wait for it to come now!

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