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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Who Ate All the Flowers?

These are (or were) a clump of really nice narcissi called cheerfulness.  They flower just after the daffodils have finished, and smell superb.  Only, this year someone else took a liking to them before we got to enjoy them.  Every single flower has been eaten, every last one of them.

Birds?  Slugs?  They look like they've just been snipped off with scissors.  Maybe my cat's decided he prefers greens to mice.

My knitting project is going well and I'm up to armhole level.

We're off to the Med. tomorrow in the camper van, so I'll take this with me and see if I can get the sleeves done while we're away.  We decided to have a little holiday, only until Thursday, to go and buy some nice olive oil, maybe get some wine, and also we want to visit a company over there who sell solar panels for heating water.  We get a lot of sun here, and it seems a shame to waste all that energy when we could at least be heating our water for free.  Then, when we get back, Eric should be starting on MY NEW KITCHEN!!  Can't wait.

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