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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Spinning Floor Sweepings

Last week Tammy and I invested in some floor sweepings.  At least, that's what Tammy calls them.  They're actually botany lap waste (whatever that is) from World of Wool in the UK.

I'd already taken out a lot of the white fibres and spun them before I took this photo, so it does look a bit duller than when it arrived.  I haven't a clue what most of this wool is, but there's some very nice fibre in there.  The only problem we had was when it arrived. Tammy had ordered 3 bags with 500g in each bag - two for her, one for me - but when it got here, it was all in one large bag!  It was a bit difficult to split this lot 3 ways, so we split each colour in two and had half each (good for me, not so good for Tammy).  Quite a task!

There was quite a lot of white wool in there, and some of it was partially blended with silk and, I think, bamboo (or milk protein fibre, or banana fibre).  I couldn't wait to spin that as I have a project I want to do, and this is perfect for it.  I also need small amounts of various colours, and this parcel had lots of those.

This is a very full bobbin of the white :-

And here it is after skeining and washing :-

This doesn't really do it justice - it's got a beautiful sheen when the light hits it just right.

The skein on the left is actually five different lots, I just put them together in one skein for ease of washing.  I just have two or three more colours to spin before I can start my new project.

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  1. I've had a bag like this from World of Wool and it had all sorts of interesting stuff in it. Some dyed wool that looked like Wensleydale and quite a lot of the silk/bamboo shiny stuff that you mentioned. I love the shawl that you're knitting from your 'floor sweepings' too! Its really effective with the strips of colour and leaf shapes along the edge. Looking forward to seeing the finished item :)