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Saturday, 9 July 2011

False Alarm

Well, obviously it was a false alarm with the silkworms as I still don't have any that have started to spin.  I did think at the time it was a bit too soon, as of today they are only 25 days old.  They're getting pretty humongous, quite a few of them are two and a half inches long.  I have had a few deaths recently though, but I still have 73 (plus a sick one in the isolation ward).  This is the amount of leaves they're consuming each day (140 to 150 leaves) :-

Here are some of the worms eagerly awaiting breakfast :-

This photo shows the droppings quite clearly.  It's amazing how much they've changed - now they look as though they've been moulded into rectangles with a pattern on them.

Something very strange is happening on here.  This is my third attempt to publish a post.  The first two disappeared into the ether, and now this one insists on centring everything and won't let me change it.  We're off out in half an hour and I've still got to have a shower, so I think I'll leave it here and hope this time it works.  We'll sort it out when we get home.


  1. I'm loving the thought of a silk worm isolation ward! It's really fascinating being able to watch their development like this, thank you for continuing to share it with us :-)

  2. You're very welcome. I'm hoping things will start to get a lot more exciting in a week or so. It's hard to believe the caterpillars I have now could possibly turn into moths. Fingers crossed!

  3. P.S. The worm in the isolation ward didn't make it. When we got home tonight it was dead. 73 and counting!

  4. Sorry to hear about the worm deaths... hopefully the rest will make it through! The photos are fascinating, especially the droppings - I hadn't expected them to look like that! They're certainly munching through the leaves too! :)