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Thursday, 30 June 2011

New Camera

My new camera arrived with the visitors yesterday, so I charged it up last night and tried it out today.

Jak sunbathing, just like Aunty Vika
. . .

while the men get on with the important things in life :-

Note the beers!

The worms are still growing . . .

This one's just escaped from it's old skin for the third time :-

I took a video of one of the worms this afternoon and then tried to upload it to here, but it didn't work.  I'll have another try tomorrow, got to make dinner now.


  1. Your silk worms are looking great! I've been away on holiday this week with no internet, so I couldn't keep an eye on your blog but I was wondering how the worms were getting on! :)

  2. The worms are growing SO FAST, I can't believe how fast. They're just over 2" now and ravenous all the time. They could start cocooning in a couple of weeks. I'll be keeping some to hatch out and lay more eggs. Do you have a mulberry tree? If so, would you like some eggs next year? (Assuming they manage to produce some!)

  3. I would absolutely LOVE some eggs! :D

    I don't have a mulberry tree though... I'll have to look into whether anyone I know has one or if I could grow one.

    How exciting! Maybe we could do a swap of some sort... eggs for wool or fleece that you're interested in but struggle to get hold of where you are? Or some cotton seeds? The ones I'm growing are a naturally brown coloured heritage variety.

    :) :)

  4. You're very welcome to some eggs - I'm sure I'll have more than my tree can cope with. If you have a friend with a mulberry tree take some cuttings in the autumn, they do take quite well. You'll need a lot of leaves for the worms though because they do eat a lot. Apparently you can buy artificial food for them but I'm sure they'll do better with the real thing.