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Monday, 21 March 2011

Wrong Colour !!!!!

Started a new project the other day - a birthday present for my friend in the UK.  Can't possibly say at the moment what it is in case she peeks!

I washed some fleece - haven't a clue what it is, I had it given, and they didn't know either - and then tried to dye it brown.  Not being very good at mixing colours I asked my knowledgeable (?) husband who said "oh, it's easy, you just mix all the primary colours together".

This is what came out :-

Gorgeous colours, but not brown!

Anyway, I spun it and then consulted an artist friend who advised me to add yellow/orange.  Mine was actually orange/red, but it worked and I ended up with a slightly reddish dark brown.

The next colour (green) was a lot easier to mix.  I would have liked it a bit yellower, but ran out of that colour.  It actually looks a bit bluer here, drying in the sun, than it really is, but it is in full sunlight and I don't think that helps.

The last colour should be a lot easier as it's blue.  I don't think even I can get that wrong!

. . . but don't hold your breath!!

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