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Saturday, 13 November 2010

New Spinning Wheel

Well, what decadence!  I'm currently awaiting the delivery of my brand new Ashford Traveller spinning wheel.  So, I hear you ask, how many spinning wheels does a person need?  After all, it's only possible to use one at a time, isn't it?  The only way I can answer that is with a question . . . how many guitars does Eric need - he can only play one at a time!  And I'm not very good at counting those!!
Do spinning wheels wear out?  Certainly some (replaceable) parts do, but, unless it's dropped from a great height, I can't imagine a spinning wheel ever wearing out.  My present one is relatively young - only about 23 years old.  It'll certainly see me out, and probably the next couple of generations as well.

So, I can create all sorts of reasons why I NEED another wheel, i.e. the Traveller is more portable and fits easily in the car (actually, mine's not bad either), or the fact that I can take it with me when we go away in the campervan - not really valid because I take my Traditional already.  The only real, valid and truthful reason I can come up with is sheer lust!!!!  And anyway, Eric didn't know what to get me for Christmas, so I've solved his problem!

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