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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Ever Peeled a Tree?

Well I have!  This is one of my little apricot trees which didn't make it through last winter (sad face).  It's been sitting there leafless all summer sending me baleful glances (was it my fault?? - who knows).

So I dug it up and peeled it!  Jenny Dean's Wild Colour assures me that I should get really nice shades of dusky pink and that I don't need to use a mordant as the bark contains lots of tannin.

Love this picture, don't know why!

Then I cut the bark into little pieces and put them in a jar of water to soak.

They've been there for more than a week now, so I think tomorrow I'll put the whole lot in a pan and heat it up to extract more dye.

Then I have a dilemma . . . do I risk my lovely merino fleece in there, or do I throw in some anonymous sheep's fleece that isn't such a good quality?  After much deliberation, I think I'll put some of the merino in there.  If the colour comes out nice I'll be very pleased (but maybe not so pleased if I use the sub-standard fleece because I've no idea what I'll use that for), and if it turns out not so nice I can always over-dye it with something else.

RIP little tree!

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