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Saturday, 6 August 2011


Yes, that's "moths" plural.  When I got up this morning and had a look, there were three more.  In fact one had only just escaped from it's cocoon and hadn't plumped up it's wings.  The first one's still alive too, so at least I now know that they'll live for 3 days without food and females.

This one looks different,  it's wings aren't as developed as the other three, and the yellow stripes could be eggs.

As this was the last one to emerge, I thought at first that maybe the wings just hadn't finished plumping, but I waited a while and they're still the same.

These are definitely males :-

At the last viewing, they're not doing anything, just all sitting separately, although one of the males has just started to vibrate his wings - perhaps he can smell the female.

More later . . .


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