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Monday, 1 August 2011

Lazy? Who, me?

As it's over a week since I last blogged, here is what I've been up to, just to prove I've not been completely idle.

This is gradually changing colour :-

A heap of these

were bottled yesterday for pie fillings

This . . .

is turning into this :-

This afternoon, these will be made into jelly :-

for the winter.  When my Mum was young, her mother used to make blackberry jelly each year and cook it down so it set really well.  Then they would dilute it for hot drinks when they had colds.  So I thought I'd do the same, especially as it's her jam pan I use (I'm the 4th generation to use it).

And finally, another ball of camel wool was added to the growing hoard for the sweater I promised to make for Sarah.  Only another 400g to go!

So, I'd better get on with the blackberries before they walk to the pan themselves.

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