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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Has Beans?

Easter Sunday we spent a very enjoyable afternoon BBQ with friends who have a holiday home nearby.  Too much food was eaten, too much wine consumed, and the sun came out specially for us!

Whilst on their 2-week visit this time, Meryl and Sarah decided to clear out the barn.  Meryl has owned the house for about 15 years, and this must be the first time it's been done!!  On a shelf, at the back, they found these :-

Actually, there were a whole lot more.  The date is 1979, making them 32 years old!!!!  Now, they look as fresh as the day they were bottled . . . I haven't dared open them yet to see what they smell like.  Common sense tells me to throw them in the "poubelle" immediately, but logic says that if they were canned properly, using the correct temperatures for the right length of time, they should still be edible.  They certainly look appetising enough.  So, what do you think?  Should we open them and try one?  I'm tempted . . .

If this blog suddenly ends from today, my favourite flowers are freesias.  Please plant them under the mulberry tree with me!

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