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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Flowers to enjoy . . . fruit to come

Wandered around the garden today and took some photos of the flowers in bloom at present, plus fruit for the future.

This is my lilac bush, covered with flowers.  Actually, it's two plants together, a white and a purple, but it looks like one bush.

The irises are all in flower too - but what a pity they don't last long.

These are last year's woad plants which will, hopefully, supply the seeds for next year's!

The fruit trees have all been covered in blossom this year.  The nectarine and peach now have lots of baby fruit, the cherries are just starting to form, the apple trees are showing great promise and the pear trees are going to be prolific too.
Oh, and did I mention figs?  The fig trees swamp us in fruit every year - far more than we can eat.  Unfortunately, the hornets like them too so it's always a bit of a battle who gets there first.

The almonds are a first this year.  Last year they had flowers, and a few fruit formed, but then they disappeared.  This year there are quite a lot, so fingers crossed.

 And finally, here are our future grapes.  Again, they usually produce far more than we can eat, but they do make good raisins if they're dried.  And anyway, who can have too many grapes?

The vegetable garden has barely started yet (apart from leeks, onions and garlic, planted in October), but the globe artichokes are putting on lots of growth so we should be enjoying those in about another month.

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