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Friday, 19 November 2010

Thursday's Dyeing and Knitting

Well, I did take some photos of the spun and plied wool for the scarf before it was dyed . . . or rather, I thought I did!!  Eric (blame him, because he took a video of me plying the day before) had left the camera on video setting and I hadn't noticed.

Anyway, having washed the finished wool, I laid it on a piece of polythene and hand-painted the dyes onto it.  I only used 3 colours this time : blue, red and mauve.   Photo below :-

The skeins were steamed for half an hour to set the dyes, then rinsed and hung up to dry:-

. . . and this is where I am with it at the moment.  Will probably finish it tonight and get it wrapped up ready for the raffle.

I'm knitting the scarf fairly simply : just seed stitch with intervals of ladder stitch (it grows faster!) because the knots and knobbles in the wool, plus the colours, make it look fairly patterned anyway and I didn't want to overdo it.

I hope whoever wins this will look on here to see the process from camel (this came from Bridget, the white camel, now in Holland) to yarn, to garment.  And I hope they enjoy wearing it too - I enjoyed making it!

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