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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Raffle Prize

Beautiful day again today now that the morning mist is burning off.  Got up early to spin some white camel for a scarf I'm making for a raffle prize.  It has to be ready for next Saturday when our band Dolly Blues is playing at a local village hall so I've got to get a move on.  We're having a bangers and beans night with aperitif and wine included, and us playing all night.  We've got about 140 people coming, so should be a good night.

The plan is to spin a "knotty" yarn, then random dye it maybe using 3 colours.  I was going to ply it with a strand of silk, but then realised that with the dyes I'm using it has to be heat processed, and silk doesn't take kindly to that sort of treatment.  The camel I'm using is "best quality" and is so soft I can barely feel it between my fingers.  I'll post some photos when it's finished.  Hope someone nice wins it!

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