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Friday, 1 July 2016

Dyeing with Madder

More TdF prep going on here.  This time with madder root.  I've dyed with this many times before but the intensity of the colours I get always takes me by surprise.

The top right hand side is the first dip, using Falkland again, and on the left are some rolags I've already carded.  The bottom right is the second dip, so still a fair bit of usable colour, and the bottom left is the third dip.  I really like this pale, delicate pink.  After the third dip the dye bath was completely clear, even though the dye stuff was still in there - I think I can call this exhausted and throw the rest away!

I've been using Falkland for all my dyeing this year because eventually I hope to have enough to make a sweater with all the different natural dyes I can manage.  The beauty of natural dyes is that they all seem to go together, I've never had two colours clash.

So, only one day before the Tour de Fleece begins . . . I'd better get back to my carding!

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