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Friday, 15 July 2011


Just a few pictures for Friday.  The first cocoon is now complete :-

 Two more worms started spinning last night in the toilet tube inners, but the rest are taking their time.

The wool I've just spun is skeined and washed :-

And look what we had in the garden today :-

I haven't seen any hoopoes in the garden for a few years, but this one was happily pecking away into all the holes between the stones in the wall, presumably eating insects.  I couldn't get any closer than this, but it obligingly turned around when I took the photo.


  1. That cocoon is looking good, as is the skein of yarn you spun! How fantastic to have a hoopoe in your garden! They're amazing birds, I've only ever seen one briefly :)

  2. Thanks for your nice comments, hope I can do them both justice later! As for the hoopoe, I'd never seen one at all until we moved here, but they do fascinate me - just got to keep my cat away from them. Mind you, with that beak, I'm not sure he'd go anywhere near!!