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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Voracious Monsters!!

I've just been looking at the last photo I posted of the silkworms just a few days ago and thought how small they were.  They are eating my mulberry tree to death!  This morning when I was cleaning them out, I could actually HEAR them eating!

I'm waiting until tomorrow to post another photo because last week I ordered a new camera and had it sent to wicked stepson no. 3.  He arrives here tomorrow with his girlfriend for a week and is bringing it with him.  It's an idiot-proof (necessary!) Canon Ixus 130 which has an automatic feature that works out exactly what you need all by itself - clever.

OK, I'm off to make scones now.  I've got 3 friends coming round this afternoon for a coffee, cakes and knitting session (stitch and bitch?) so I'd better get busy making the cakes.

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