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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Blue Blue Blue

Well, I managed to get the blue dye right!  This has now all been knitted into my project and the whole lot has been bunged into the washing machine (so far 3 times) to felt and shrink it.  As it's the first time I've knitted and felted anything in this way, I'm waiting with baited breath for the washing machine to finish.  It's been on at 40 deg, 60 deg, and I've just put it back in at 90 deg. (to speed things up a bit) so am keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't totally destroyed!

I'll post a photo on here when it's finished, but I still have "finishing off" to do when it comes out.

A little clue to what it is : if any of you bought the March 2011 issue of Yarn Forward magazine, it's in there!!  Hopefully Sandra (whose birthday present it is) won't have a copy!

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