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Friday, 10 December 2010

Frozen North

Well, here we are in the frozen north-east of Scotland for our annual visit, and the weather's certainly excelled itself this time.  No photos I'm afraid, because the computer we brought with us doesn't have the software to transfer them from the camera.

We stayed the first 4 nights in Cumbria visiting family and friends and, although it was pretty white there too, the roads were fairly clear.  We then drove north to Edinburgh to stay with Eric's son Nic and his girlfriend Vika for a night, but got stuck there for an extra night - the snow was absolutely atrocious.  It snowed and snowed and snowed on the day we were supposed to leave, and the Forth Road Bridge was closed for some time too.  We watched the webcam of the bridge for a while and all we saw were stationary cars, and then people walking off the bridge abandoning them.

Finally, on the 10th day of our visit to the UK (we're staying with Eric's Mum in sunny Fettercairn, about 30 miles south of Aberdeen), the snow is starting to melt, so tomorrow we hit the shops!!

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