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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Talullah, Brewster Bob and Lady Camels

Had a visit from Sarah on Friday.  She brought me another huge box of camel down plus some llama from Talullah and alpaca from Brewster Bob.  The camel is on the left, Talullah is the lovely grey colour on the right, and Brewster Bob is top right.  They don't look very spectacular in these photos, but I just wish you could feel them.  They are all so soft, but I think the camel gets the gold star every time - it's like spinning clouds.

This is a very bed photo of Talullah the llama's wool before and after carding.  I thought I'd start with her because I like the colour so much.  It looks a bit brown here, but it's really more like the photo at the top  - grey with a hint of brown - gorgeous soft feel too.  Can't wait to finish the first ball.

Today we have rain, so I don't feel too guilty about spinning all day instead of digging the garden.  We collected a trailer load of  nicely rotted horse manure from the pony club the other day and I need to get the garlic planted.  Not today though!

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